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The Astounding Benefits Of Playing Tennis

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If you are looking for a sport that you can play from the time you are a young child until you are ready to begin collecting Social Security benefits, how about considering the game of tennis? You need very little in the way of equipment, just a racket and a few tennis balls. There are public courts to be found in the schools and parks of almost any city in the country. It can be a good, fast-paced exercise that can get your heart pumping and help you stay in shape. It can be played with just one other person or as a foursome. Either way, it is exhilarating and fun. If you just want to get out there and hit the ball back and forth while enjoying the weather and catching up with a friend, or you’re a serious player who is always looking for a win, this game could be just right for you. Many clubs consist of retired people who have found a great way to socialize and have fun all while getting some good exercise. Other programs are in place to teach very young children how to hold their racket and how to connect with the ball to get it to go over the net. It is a great sport to expose young people to because it can provide them with physical benefits and an avenue for friendships over nearly the entire course of their lives. If they are serious about the game and pursue it, they may even
be able to qualify for a college scholarship which would obviously be of substantial worth.

The benefits to this age old game are many. Research has concluded that anyone who plays the game for 3 hours each week has the potential to cut their risk of death (from any cause) in half. That is a pretty amazing statistic don’t you think? Besides this, tennis players have been found to be more optimistic and vigorous and less anxious and tense than their counterparts who do not participate in this sport. With all these positive benefits it is hard to imagine why anyone would not want to make this great sport a part of their lives.

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