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The Battle To Stay In Shape

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For a lot of people, staying in shape is a never ending battle. We work hard to stay in shape by doing exercises. Some people put on their boxing gloves and pound away with a punching bag. Other people would wear their cycling jerseys and ride their bikes for several miles. Yet some prefer to either do brisk walking or jogging as a means of exercise.

Sadly, no matter how much exercise we do it is never enough to stay fit. If you do not control your food intake, all your efforts to stay healthy are useless.

Food intake is just as important as the amount of exercise you do when it comes to staying healthy. It is not just about the amount of food that you eat, it is also the quality of food that you consume. We all know that food rich in calories and fats leads to weight gain and several health issues. We can always limit the intake of food with these ingredients or avoid them altogether. You can increase your consumption of healthy food in its place. You just need to add more vegetables, fruits and grains into your daily diet. You have to be conscious about how many calories you consume every day and keep a record of your weight gain or loss.

Adding more protein to your diet will give your body the extra energy it needs so that you don’t get tired easily. Food like turkey, tuna, beans, peanut butter, and cheese are rich sources of protein but they are also rich in calories. You just have to eat the right amount to satisfy your hunger cravings. Bananas and spinach are rich in potassium that helps flush out fluids from our body. These two are considered super foods.