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The Benefits of Track Covers


When players head out to the field, their football cleats can leave scars on the surrounding track. Track covers can help with this problem. They resist and cushion against steel-tipped cleats but still allow rain to drain through. Track covers provide protection against the expensive repairs of damaged tracks. 

The Benefits of Track Covers

Robbins Sports carries track protectors that can be temporarily laid over the part of the track that players cross over in order to get to the field. Robbins Sports’ carries the following track covers: 

  • The Cross-Over Zone Track Protector - The Cross-Over Zone Track Protector is an easy-to-install temporary cover for the track that is made with a tough, durable polypropylene non-woven fabric. Its entire edge is wrapped in vinyl, with galvanized steel chain inserts to keep it anchored, even on windy days. It does not use any staples or stakes that could compromise the track. It comes in black with while or gold edging. The porous design of the track covers allows rainwater to drain through so players do not have to worry about slipping in water that may accumulate on the surface. It comes in various sizes.
  • Bench Zone Sideline Track Protector – This product is designed to easily cover the sideline bench areas, including both turf and track surfaces. It is made of tough polypropylene fabric with a double-stitched vinyl edge. Steel chain is inserted all around the track protector to keep it down in windy conditions. In order to minimize weight for ease of installation, the cover’s longer pieces are divided into two sections that may be joined using Velcro hook and loop strips, which are double-stitched along the entire expanse of each section’s overlapping center borders. 

These are just a couple of Robbins Sports track protectors. They come in different sizes for a variety of field conditions. Customers agree that they provide a highly economical way to safeguard the integrity of the track.