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The Caliber Of Today’s Athletes

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Though there are no rules on the how an athlete should behave that will apply to all, any person is wondering about the ability and attitudes of many of our sports heroes. Reports have surfaced that leave us questioning why some of these individuals who are talented in sports, feel privileged to do or act whatever way they like. These people should be held responsible for their actions just like the prison sentence being carried out by Michael Vick. Sometimes, all they need is a slap on the wrist.

Today, most of the athletes follow the rules of the game they are playing and society’s rules as well. Those who do not leave a bad image in the world of sports. During the early days, athletes usually adhered to an unspoken code of conduct that included traits like loyalty, courtesy and honesty. Today, most athletes instantly forget the commitments they made once they are offered a better deal. There are athletes who use illegal substances so that they can improve their performance. These athletes have cheated on their statistics and using these drugs is a cheap shot. These are people give sports a bad reputation and not worthy of any fame.

Fortunately, there are still a lot of athletes who still play by the rules and demonstrate conduct worthy of admiration. These are the athletes we’d like to see wearing our favorite team’s football jerseys and basketball uniforms.