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The Caliber Of Today’s Athletes

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Although there can’t be a blanket statement regarding the ethical make-up of athlete’s that will accurately apply to all, one has to wonder these days about the caliber of a good many of our sports heroes. Reports come to light that leave us scratching our heads as to what some of these individuals are thinking and why it is they feel that just because they are talented they should be allowed to do whatever they like. Sometimes they are actually held accountable for their actions such as the prison sentence carried out by Michael Vick. Other times, and perhaps much more frequently, they are either given a slap on the hand or less. While most of today’s athlete’s are hopefully abiding by the rules of the game they play and the rules of society as a whole, those who are not leave a tarnish on the world of sports. In much earlier times, athletes typically adhered to an unwritten code of conduct which included such characteristics as honesty, courtesy, and loyalty. In contrast are certain modern day athletes who jump ship at the first sign of a better offer or better situation regardless of the promises and the commitments they have made. There are also those who pump their bodies full of illegal substances in hopes of improving their performances, who lie about their statistics and who are all too willing to give out cheap shots. It is they who give sports a bad name. Thankfully, there are thousands of others who play by the rules, both written and unwritten and demonstrate conduct worthy of emulation and admiration. It is those athletes that we like to see in our favorite basketball uniforms and football jerseys.