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The Colorado Rockies – Can Cinderella be the Bell of the Ball?

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Last night, I watched the first World Series and saw the Colorado Rockies win their first ever title with 6-4 over the Arizona Diamondbacks. The crowd went wild. Denver traditionally is a city that brings home championships. The Denver fans are used to celebrating end of season victories. But this time it will be in the Rockies. Usually, the Rockies are on the disappointed side. This time they have cause to celebrate.

Does the Rockies have a chance of winning the World Series? History is on their side. In 1976, the Cincinnati Reds led by Joe Morgan, Pete Rose and Ken Griffey Sr. dominated the rivals in the league and division series. After a 7-0 lead in the World Series, the Reds defeated New York on the way to the championship. The Rockies remain undefeated and are less likely to lose every game.

In the first 6 years of the 21st century, half the teams who won the World Series were Wild Card teams. It seems that the playoffs favor Wild Card teams. Every end of each season, there is a race to see who gets into the playoff. Usually, the team clinching the Wild Card is usually popular at the time after defeating the other playoffs teams. On the other hand, the teams that won in their division could be tired out by the long, grueling season. Sometimes, the best team does not win the championship. But the team riding a winning streak to the playoffs is the one who wins. Ask the Marlins, Angels and Red Sox who were champs in the Wild Card World Series during 2002-2004.

Furthermore, the Rockies team have pulled their team together. Most of the players in the line-up is full of young talents who played with his teammates in the Rockies minor league team before.

The Rockies will definitely pull it off because they already won 21 of 22 games. No other baseball team is a popular as they are right now.

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