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The Cycling Season Is Upon Us

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The long nights and pale sunlight of winter is over. Its now time to get your wheels out, and dust off your cycling jersey. Cycling weather is upon us.

Strictly speaking there is no specific restriction why you shouldn’t bike during winter. It just so happens that it is inconvenient and that it is a lot safer to stay indoors and play basketball. Now that the days are getting longer again, and the sun is up, it is time to put in some miles on the road.

That is not to mean that sunny weather is a requisite for cycling. The world’s premier cycling competition, the Tour d’ France is a daunting event through France where the cyclists run through heat and sometimes sudden rain, as they traverse the French countryside. The weather is actually part of the fun. Wearing different cycling jerseys groups of riders take to the road in trips meant for mileage, and a lot of camaraderie. This is a perfect group activity, with the group making sure of the safety of the less experienced members. It is also a perfect activity for the individual cyclist. A lot of individual cross-country runs are done by individuals as part of their yearly vacation.