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The Effect Of Sports In One’s Life

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You might be amazed if you stopped to consider all the ways that sports contribute to one’s life and lifestyle. It seems to be as much a part of the fabric of most people’s life as work, play and education. It would be interesting to determine how many hours each week the average person devotes to sports in one form or another. Whether they are grabbing the gym bags and driving their children to little league games or attending a local NBA or NFL game or simply watching one of their favorite sports on television, they are likely spending a fair amount of their time involved with sports.
Think about all the millions who ride bicycles for fun, recreation, competition and pure enjoyment. Consider the millions who enroll their children in youth football, soccer, hockey, etc. Envision the hundreds of tennis leagues throughout the country as well as the many who participate in racquetball, pickle ball and volleyball.
When you hear that the NBA projected to sell one hundred million dollars in jerseys then you know that there are a lot of people buying and wearing such apparel. When you hear statistics like the NFL making over nine million dollars in revenue in the last year you know you are talking about big business. What these leagues are selling people are obviously buying. People love sports, it’s just that simple. And there is good reason for that. Sports are a way of relieving the stress that most of us seem to accumulate on a regular basis. Whether we are actively engaged in a sporting activity or merely watching one, it can have a therapeutic affect on our well being. It is a wonderful way to engage with other people who have similar interests. Whether we are working together on a team or getting together to watch a play-off game or a tennis tournament, it is an avenue for socialization.
While it is true that there is a certain amount of negativity associated with sporting events and with various athletes in particular, there is much more on the positive side to recommend sports. The competition that is an inherent part of many sports can be a very positive motivating force. When there are realistic expectations placed on us as individuals we generally rise to the occasion. Conversely, we often do not stretch ourselves and expand our limits when we are not expected to or when there seems to be no reason for doing so.
Many valuable life lessons can be learned from sports. The importance of teamwork, putting forth one’s best efforts, dependability, and loyalty are routinely reinforced through sporting ventures. Learning to graciously receive success and graciously accept defeat are other vital lessons which can be learned through sports.
Although not everyone is a total sports nut, it would be hard to imagine how life would be for most of us if sports were not a part of it.