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The Ever Changing Guidelines For Fitness

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Isn’t it annoying when you are just about to understand the measurement for being healthy, then the fitness experts go ahead and change it again. For a long time we have been taught that BMI (body mass index) of a healthy body is between 18.5 and 24.9. It is measured by dividing your body weight (in pounds) by your height (in square inches) then multiplied by 703.

If your BMI is over 24.9 you are overweight to the point your health is compromised.

I initially had doubts about those calculations because I know of individuals who have a BMI over 25 yet look and seem very healthy and fit. It’s hard to disagree with fitness experts with their numerous years of research and education.

Recently, there are reports that the new studies show that the BMI number we are accustomed with all these years are out of date. The health specialists agreed that according to the BMI guidelines a person could be overweight but be perfectly fit.

Several people claim to be on a nutritious diet that includes the food needed to sustain their maximum health. They frequently exercise to maintain their body in fit shape and still were classified in the overweight category.

Each one has a different body system, bone structure and their genes play a big part when considering the assessment of optimum weight and fitness. It is common sense to eat healthy food and exercise regularly so we could maintain our fitness. It’s also nice to know that the variance of the results of your good habits depends on the individual.

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