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The Evolution Of Basketball

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Basketball has been around for a very long time and while there have been some definite changes over the past one hundred plus years, many things have stayed pretty much the same. For instance, when the first rules of the game were documented by Dr. James Naismith it was for a very simple game that was designed in order for young people to have an activity that would keep them inside and in shape over the cold winter months. In those early days, before there were dozens of very talented teams, two captains were chosen who would then each pick from a group of men to make up a team. Attention was given to trying to keep things equal in the selection process so that the teams would match-up very evenly. Obviously, that is not the case today (at least in professional basketball) where extremely talented teams sometimes find themselves playing teams who are much accomplished.
A few of the rule changes since those early days of basketball are that the free throw line was moved from 20 feet out to 15 feet which makes it possible for a good many more of those shots to be made. Field goals that originally counted as 3 points were changed to a value of two points and free throw shots that were originally worth 3 points became valued at 2 points for each one made. In 1897 the first basketball backboard was installed. The double dribbles that used to be permissable in games became illegal and the charging foul which happens so frequently in present day games was introduced in 1929. The first scoreboard was introduced in 1934 with many changes and improvements taking place through the years.
The first goal worth three points was officially recognized in l987.
While the game has changed in many ways, it remains an extemely popular and much loved sport.