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The Evolution Of Basketball

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Basketball has been with us for hundreds of years and though there had been some changes, pretty much of it has stayed the same. For example, the very first game rules were recorded by Dr. James Naismith. It was a simple game designed for young people to have an indoor activity so they can stay in shape during the cold winter months. During the early days, there were two team captains who were chosen. They will then select from a group of men who will form their team. Close attention was put on the selection process to make sure the teams were evenly matched to keep everything equal. Today, in professional basketball, that is not the case because extremely talented teams would play against another team with players who are more exceptional.

Only a few of the rules have been changed from the early days of basketball. The free throw line was moved forward from 20 feet out to just 15 feet from the goal which makes it easier to throw the shots. Field goals that were counted as 3 points were reduced to just 2 points. The same thing happened to the free throw shots that were initially counted as 3 points became just 2 point for every shot made.

The first basketball backboard was installed in 1897. Double dribbling that was allowed in the games are now illegal. The charging foul which is common today in the games was introduced to public in 1929. In 1934, the first scoreboard was introduced and since then several improvements and changes were made over the years. To top it all, in 1987 the first 3 point shot was officially recognized.