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The Fat Lady Has Sung

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The 2009-2010 NBA season has ended and again the Los Angeles Lakers made it to the top. For a good part of the game, it seemed like it was not going to happen. Celtics made an early lead and kept on top of the game. In the first half and in the 3rd quarter, they were leading with as much as 13 points. It was just not meant to be as the Lakers started shooting late in the game. The Celtics started missing the goal more frequently. Boston kept getting fouled all night long.

Coach Doc Rivers even put in a guy who had not played for a second in the finals just so he could make the starters rest and stop accumulating fouls.

It was a tough game for both teams. Kobe struggled greatly with his shots but he just kept working hard until finally things started falling into place for him. Ray Allen was not able to deliver as many shots as he wished but his defense was great, being an obstacle for Kobe at every turn.

For the Los Angeles Lakers, this is their 16th NBA Championship and its just 1 behind the Boston Celtics who has 17. No doubt, this rivalry will go on heavily for many years to come.

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