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The Fight Against Winter Weight Gain

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Old man winter has arrived and with it an end to much of our outdoor exercise. The days of putting on our cycling jerseys and heading up to the mountains for a vigorous ride in the sunshine and fresh air are likely over for a few months. At least that is true for most of us. There are a number of amazingly hardy cyclists who maintain their workouts pretty much uninterrupted the year round. However, the rest of us mere mortals probably do not enjoy cycling in frigid temperatures and on icy surfaces so we probably hang up our bikes for a few months. We also have had to give up on the outdoor tennis and pickle ball. Basketball enthusiasts have had to move indoors to participate in their favorite sport and workout activity, but luckily most gyms provide basketball backboards in their facilities and are still able to enjoy the game. The gyms also provide stationary bicycles but many of us feel that they are just not nearly as enjoyable as being out in the open air. They do still allow one to get in a good workout, however, and to burn the excess calories that seem to be piling on and that we are desirous of losing.
Perhaps we need to make certain adjustments in our exercise routines and to make the allowances that are necessary due to the change of seasons and temperance of weather.
It does not really have so much to do with which exercise or program we choose as it does that we stay committed to working out. A lot of us lose the zest that the good weather brings with it and find it far too easy to decrease the time or intensity of our workout or even to skip it altogether. That is the main culprit in sabotaging our fitness goals. The old adage to “just keep moving” is absolutely right. Whether we commit to time on the treadmill or some time at the racquetball court or whatever we choose, the trick is to stick with it.
One thing that we can typically keep up with even during the long winter months is our outdoor walking. Naturally we would avoid walking outside when it is icy or bitterly cold but most winter days bring some sunshine and brisk but not unpleasant fresh air. That often serves not only to accomplish our workout but to clear our heads as well.
Whatever it is we choose to do for physical activity, the main goal should be a commitment to making some type of exercise a continual and life long goal. That means through the cold winter months as well as the delightful summer days.