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The Great Gift Of Involving Children In Sports

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Yesterday was Father’s day and we celebrated the day by giving honor to our fathers. Unfortunately, not everybody is blessed with a father to guide and love them unconditionally. In some cases, other people step up to take their place. It may be a mother, a grandparent, a family friend or an uncle, or someone very important in the young person’s life who serves as a mentor and cares for their well-being and growth.

A mentor can teach the student how important sports is in their lives. Engaging in sports teaches them to connect and work together while having fun and a productive time. Watching a mentor or an adult teach a youngster how to do things can bring a smile to your face. You are reminded of how it used to be when you yourself was young and someone older was teaching you. It is an opportunity to build trust and friendships, in teaching how to persevere, self-control and determination. All of these done together while having fun.

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