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The Heart Of An Athlete

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Athletes are some of the most skilled people on the planet. They excel in the sport they indulge in because of their innate abilities. However there is another aspect of being an athlete that carries them to success. It is their heart.

Athletes that don their boxing gloves come face to face with the strongest rivals they can handle. Those who choose to wear cycling jerseys need to go through time and distance to get through adversity. However, an athlete’s heart does not allow them to back down from any challenge.

In fact a true athlete should have the heart to face any difficulty and try to overcome it. The recent bombing at the Boston marathon is a perfect example. Athletes had to run a total of 26.2 miles of tough paths. This challenged every aspect of an athlete like stamina, endurance, strength and durability.

When the bombs exploded, a lot of the athletes were hit hard. They had to be brought to nearby hospitals for treatment. Those who were being treated were supported by those who escaped the tragedy unscathed.

The hearts of these athletes came through during that incident. Those who were injured willed themselves to live through it. Those who escaped gave all types of help to them.