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The Heart Of An Athlete

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Athletes can be some pretty incredible people. Those energetic souls who use boxing gloves to stay in shape and those who pull on their cycling jerseys to attack the pavement often have hearts as big as their commitment to their sports. Recently we were reminded of this fact once again as we witnessed the unspeakable horror of the Boston Marathon bombing and the valiant acts of service given by those in attendance. It’s hard to imagine after finishing the grueling 26.2 miles of a marathon that one could have enough energy to do anything but collapse in a heap on the ground yet many of those super athletes finished their race only to continue running to help in whatever way they could. Several ran to the nearest hospital to donate blood to those who were in such great need. Film captured the efforts of many that continued to press on and assist those who were so savagely injured. We hear remarks from time to time about the “heart of an athlete”. The horrific incident in Boston brought to light just what that phrase really means. Those runners showed amazing termination in the midst of pervasive fear. They provide to all of us such a great example of never giving up. They show us that when we think we’re too tired to finish a race or complete a task we just have to put one foot in front of the other and then do it again and again and again. Surely that’s what victory is.