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The Highs And Lows Of Youth Sports

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Getting involved with sports provides kids with the change to learn new skills where they could compete and excel. Some kids would still continue playing long after they have graduated from high school. Sports activities give kids their own identity and belonging to a group that enhances their self-confidence. This is the time of their life when they want to be accepted and recognized, they could appreciate the benefits sports gives.

There is also a lot of benefits they get in terms of physical fitness if you engage in sports. In today’s nation, there are a lot of young people who are sedentary and overweight. It is important that children are taught while they are young so they could motivate themselves and use their opportunities in keeping their bodies healthy and strong. Sports contribute a lot in achieving this goal.

Another positive aspect they gain when they engage in sports is that they meet new people and build new friendships with the same interests. Several individuals have friendships fostered while they were young by joining sports activities. These relationships have continued all throughout their lives and have provided a source of endless support and entertainment.

On the other hand, there are also some disadvantages. There are situations where the parents would clash with their children’s coaches or clash with each other and it escalates. This kind of behavior sets a bad example that kids tends to emulate and is very counter-productive for them. There are some parent who are very careful and are wary about exposing their children to these encounters. These are parents who don’t really encourage the kids to pursue sports for any reason.

Then there are those kids who are not athletic or excel in any sport, yet wants to join a team and learn new skills, and create new friendships. You’ll find these kids sitting at the bench or standing by the sidelines which could be frustrating to the other kids and their parents. This is a concern for most coaches. Of course, the kids who comprise the team wants to win. It is for this reason that the best players have more of the playing time. While it is understandable why this is happening, it causes a dilemma because there are more things to accomplish in sports other than winning the game. For those kids who rarely get to play and just stay at the bench most of the time are losing a lot of playtime and learning experience. When you are still deciding what kind of sports you want to engage your child in, you will have to consider a lot of things.

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