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The Home Run King at Last – What Should Bonds Do Now?

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Just few nights ago, Barry Bonds clinched his home run journey by bagging his 756th home run and leaping over the legendary Hank Aaron. You will definitely notice how Bonds achieved this feat the moment the ball jumped off his bat. He is visually relieved as he threw up his hands in sheer joy. I am relieved also to see him achieved that feat and I’m sure that my fellow Giants fans felt the same way. This scenario is fun while it lasts, but once over, it still stays the same for you and me.

Now that Barry Bonds has finally soared to the peak of the baseball world, while except for a World Series championship, what’s next for him? In my honest opinion, the Giants should let him walk. This, I think, is the best case. I am implying retiring as a Giant once his contract ended at the end of the year. It will be a fitting retirement for him as he walked away from the sports he loved as one of the top players in the league. I believe it is time for the young Giants to step up, duplicate or even surpass what Bonds have given to the franchise as well as to the league in general.

Take a closer look at the San Francisco Giants’ current lineup. Let’s start with Omar Vizquel, Dave Roberts, Ray Durham, Barry Bonds, Ryan Klesko, Randy Wynn, Benji Molina and Rich Aurilia. Every one of these players was respectable during their prime. However, the these aging lineup for the Giants needs some new blood and young players in which they can passed down their baseball wisdom. They should take a look at Barry Zito, who is undeservedly taking up a large part of the payroll for the next few years. There is a need for the Giants to make some adjustments if they want to build for the future. It is without a doubt that Bonds is a great player. But players age and their skills diminish and Bonds is not an exception. Bonds is in his 40s now and it is unlikely to have any kind of noteworthy resurgence in his career.

Therefore, I stand by my opinion that the Giants should let Barry Bonds go. It is hard for me to say this but Bonds is no longer the future of the franchise. The future should come from handful of young players with huge potential such as Matt Cain, Noah Lowry, Tim Lincecum and Fred Lewis. These youngsters have the skillsets to tear the MLB right now and they absolutely have very bright careers ahead of them. However, the aforementioned up-and-coming players currently receive meager salary in comparison to the astronomical contracts of Bonds and Zito. MLB is also a business and players can be swayed to jump to other teams if offered with contract that is worthy of their game. Hence, it is imperative for the Giants to invest with these young players to become successful in the future.

In conclusion, the Giants is no longer Barry Bonds’ team. He may be the king of home runs, a future hall of famer, but it is time for Barry to retire and let the new young guns step into the limelight.

Nishan Wilde is VP of Sales for Robbins Sports and Athletics and a huge SF Giants fan.