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The Importance Of Being A Team Player

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It is a sad fact that not all who play on a team are actually genuine team players. A team player earns the title by the way they work with a team and not as an individual. After watching all the ball games, we have observed that there is one or more players in a team who wants to rise above the others in each play. They seem to hold the ball in their hands for a significant amount of time and would seldom pass it off to the other team members.

Though it is true that in some situations, there are positions in the play wherein the ball will end up in your hands more often than you would expect, but that is different from what they call hogging the ball. Ball hogging happens when the player feels obliged to keep making the play, regardless if their team mate is in a better position to aim for the winning shot. This kind of selfish behavior defeats the purpose of working with a team and it does not work for the best interests of the game being played.

Players of a team should recognize that they should respect their team mates and that they are there to count on each other. Players who are just concerned about their own success and grab every opportunity grab the limelight and play by themselves do not make very good team players.

In whatever sport you play, whether it is basketball, soccer or football, a team that plays well together spells a great deal of difference. It is important that the team members cooperate and coordinate with each other so they can achieve their common goals and that is winning the game together.