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The Importance Of Being A Team Player

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Unfortunately, not everyone who plays on a team can be considered a real team player. Team players earn that name by the way they conduct themselves as part of a team rather than as an individual. We’ve all observed games where there are one or more player who seem to dominate every play. The ball ends up being in their hands for a huge share of the action and they seldom hand it off to other players. It is true that certain positions in sports call for having the ball more often than certain other positions but that is not the same as “ball hogging”. Ball hogging occurs when a players feels he/she should always be the one to make the play, regardless if someone else is in a better position to make a shot. Not only is such behavior not in the best interests of the game but it is also bad for team chemistry. Players on a team should feel that they can count on one another and that they are respected. Those who are just worried about their own success and their own opportunity for playing time don’t usually make very good teammates. Whether on the basketball court, the soccer field or the football field having a good, cohesive and unselfish team can make a huge amount of difference.