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The Life Of An NBA Coach

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Imagine a job where you got to travel to the most exciting cities in the country, got to eat at the finest restaurants, got to have your name routinely in the newspaper and your face regularly on the television, got to do exactly what you love doing and were paid very big bucks for it. Sounds almost too good to be true doesn’t it. For a very lucky few it is reality. Welcome to the world of an NBA coach.

The big drawback in this otherwise dream scenario is that an NBA coach stands a very good chance of getting fired if he doesn’t perform fast and well. Even then, he may be doing a terrific job and if his team isn’t doing well it’s the coach who gets the ax. In our world today where losing your job is happening to so many in record numbers perhaps the job of a coach isn’t much more precarious than any other. The twist is, often NBA coaches lose their jobs only to be picked up by another team for the next season so in that respect one might consider that they have better job security than most.

Unfortunately there are not all that many NBA teams so there are also not many of these incredible jobs to go around but those who do lay claim to one of these coveted positions pretty much have it made. While the rest of us are putting in our 40-50 hour work weeks often in some drab office in an equally dreary locale these men are living the high life. There doesn’t seem to be a mandatory retirement age for them so they can continue working as long as they want and as long as teams keeps picking them up and that usually keeps happening.

Another interesting thing about this scenario is that many of the present day coaches are former players who have exceptional physical skills but very little formal education. Numerous players have joined the ranks before having any college experience at all. From that background they go on to make millions and millions of dollars per year while many of our most highly educated and intelligent citizens earn peanuts in comparison. It doesn’t sound right, does it? It’s interesting that society is willing to spend a lot more money on entertainment than it is on education or for jobs that are absolutely necessary such as firefighters, police officers, teachers, etc. Perhaps escapism has something to do with it. While we are watching some physically talented player running the length of the court for a lay-up or hitting the perfectly aimed three pointer or the coach in the designer suit waving his arms and yelling at the officials, we are in their world for a minute. Given the uneasy,
worrisome and meager lives that so many are leading these days perhaps the dream of being somebody famous or important or wealthy such as an NBA coach, is understandable.

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