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The Life Of An NBA Coach

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Can you imagine a job where you get the opportunity to travel to different cities all over the country, you dine at fancy restaurants and have your name and picture shown on the newspaper or television? You get to do what you exactly love doing and you’re paid a lot of money for it. It sounds too good to be true but it’s a real job. There are just very few people lucky enough to have this job. This is the world of the NBA coach.

The only disadvantage in this glamorous job is that if the NBA coach does not deliver a good performance, he can easily get fired. Even if he is performing well but his team is not winning, the coach will still get fired. In today’s world where getting fired happens to a lot of people, the work of a coach isn’t as unstable as the others. The irony is, if ever the NBA coach does get fired, he is easily hired by another team in the next season. In this respect, their occupation has better job security among others.

Sadly, there are not that many teams in the NBA so there isn’t much vacancy for these fabulous jobs. Those who have these kind of jobs surely have it made. While we mere mortals are working 40 to 50 hours a week in some dreary office, these men are living like Gods. There is no age requirement to become a basketball coach so they could continue working as long as they please and as long as the team wants them.

Another interesting fact that you should know is that a lot of these modern day coaches are actually former players with excellent athletic skills but has very little formal schooling. A lot of these players joined the team before completing their college experience. With limited educational background, they make a lot of millions of dollar every year while the highly educated employee just makes peanuts in comparison. There is no justice, right? What is interesting is that society is eager to spend more money on being entertained than getting an education or give a higher salary for jobs like teachers, police officers, firefighters and others.

Perhaps avoidance has something to do with this. While we watch some talented player running the whole court for a layup or shooting a perfect 3 pointer or the coach in his designer suit arguing with a referee, we are lost in their world for a moment. Because we have stressful and less privileged lives, it is quite understandable if we day dream of being a celebrity or wealthy like an NBA coach.

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