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The Long And Short Of The NBA

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At least 450 players are wearing 30 different basketball uniforms in the National Basketball Association. They are going to don this with pride for at least 82 games and try to win as many for the fans and the city or state they represent.

These players vary in appearance and attitude. Then there is also the difference in the innate talent that they have. Some of them were made to be superstars. Others specialize in long range jumpers including 3-pointers. The best big men are very good with their post-up moves. Then there are those who love to make their way to the basket and score.

There are players who are not offensively gifted but have so much value in the defense. These players make it hard for opposing players to score. They block shots, steal the ball and grab loose balls and rebounds. Most of the time, the best defensive players are tasked to guard the opposing teams’ best offensive player.

On the average, these players about 6’7. The point guards of these teams are normally the shortest. On the other end of the spectrum are the centers that stand the tallest. It is not uncommon for centers to be as tall as 7 feet. For the record, Manute Bol and Georges Muresan are the tallest ever to play in the NBA at 7’7. The shortest of all was Tyrone ‘Mugsie’ Bogues at 5’3.

It is true that in this game height is might. However, in the NBA surprises happen even from the shortest players of all. Just ask Spud Webb.