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The Mitchell Report: A Call to Action?

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Last week, the long anticipated anti-steroid report was revealed by former Senator George Mitchell. Included were the names of past and present players, superstars and non celebrities. 86 players were named in this 409 page report. There were 31 All-stars and 7 MVPs. Is there any credibility left in baseball?

Baseball critics all over the country are questioning whether this report will have any impact on the sport. Everyone knows steroids were used in baseball for the past few decades. The report just confirmed it. Will it change anything? There were times in the past players on steroids were identified but nothing was done about it. So will Bud Selig keep his promise and protect the game’s integrity? Will he continue giving out weak penalties for it? Or will he change to a stronger anti-steroid policy like the one in the Olympics? Bud Selig is answerable to these questions not that we have Mitchell’s report and call to action.

The MLB and Bud Selig have been ignoring this steroid problem for too long. It went out of control that looks like everyone who is looking at boosting their career so their coach will notice them is actually on steroids. If we start giving out the penalties now the whole league will be damaged. The same thing happens in Baseball. If Selig will penalize all the mentioned All-Stars and MVPs then the quality of baseball will significantly suffer. If you take away all the players like Miguel Tejada or A-rods, who will have the interest to watch baseball? If Selig kept his promise, he will be jeopardizing the MLB’s credibility and appeal to which baseball will not survive.

It is my opinion that it is just right that the MLB will ban any of the players who used steroids in the past from playing baseball. But with so many investments in the league and riding on this kind of decision, would Bud Selig still have that moral fortitude to keep any of his promises? Only time can tell if this so called defender of baseball will really do as he says. As an avid fan of baseball, I do hope he lives up to what he promised.

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