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The NBA Season Ends This Week – One Way Or The Other

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Either the Celtics are going to finish off the Lakers tonight and claim the NBA Championship and all the glory that comes along with that achievement or we’ll go to a game 7 which would take place on Thursday night. If that happens, both teams will be playing their hearts out to claim the victory and it should be a stellar game to watch. Either way, this week will bring the 2009-2010 NBA basketball season to an end. For some that may be good news. After all the 80 plus regular season games and the month plus play-off games, it makes for a long season. And yet….somehow it is sad to know that we won’t be viewing any more exciting NBA games for almost 5 months. It helps that it’s summertime and it stays light outside until 9:30 or later so who wants to be indoors watching t.v. anyway. It’s those cold winter nights when it begins to get dark before 5:00 that the prospect of watching an action-filled basketball game on the tube is especially enticing. Meanwhile, this is the season when we should actually be participating in sports rather than just watching them on the television screen. It seems that these nice weather months fly by quickly so I guess we’d all better take advantage of them while they’re here.

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