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The NBA Season Ends This Week – One Way Or The Other

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Tonight, it’s either the Celtics win over the Lakers and become the NBA champions, or we all take game 7 on Thursday night. If the latter happens, both teams will fight their best to win. That will be an exciting game to watch. Either way, the 2009-2010 NBA basketball season will be coming to an end.

For some that’s good news. It’s been a long season with over 80 regular season games and over a month of play-off games. It seems sad we won’t have any exciting NBA games to view for the next 5 months. It’s a good thing its summertime and its bright outside until late in the evening so no one will bother to stay indoors and watch TV. It’s those winter nights when it’s cold and dark before 5PM that the thought of watching an exciting basketball game on TV is actually enticing.

For the meantime, summer is the season when we should be involved in sports than just watching it on TV. Don’t let the months fly by quickly because the nice weather doesn’t last for very long. Take advantage while its here.

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