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The NBA Season Will Be A Back-Breaking Schedule

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The National Basketball Association lock-out is finally over. The players finally have a chance to wear their brand new basketball uniform. Good news for fans, they get to see their favorite team in action about 3 to 4 times a week. Normally, during the regular season, teams play around 2 to 3 times per week.

But due to the shortened season, they have to play a tighter schedule. This is going to be a very tiring schedule for all the players. Considering that they still have to squeeze in practices and of course, the dreaded frequent travel, the durability of these is going to be tested to the hilt. Sometimes, they have to play 3 games on consecutive nights.

There is no doubt about it that getting these players back on the court is pleasure to watch. However, the tight schedule might present several problems for players and fans alike. First of all, season holder tickets might not be able to attend 4 games within a span of seven days because of their busy schedule.

On the players part, they could suffer from exhaustion, burnout and injury. The frequency of the games not only means they have to play more. They also have to schedule more practices, more shootarounds and more travelling from one city to another.

It is going to be a very tiring week after week for the players. But they are paid to play and provide sports entertainment to the paying public.

This is what awaits all those who want to shoot the ball through the basketball goal.