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The NBA Season Will Be A Back-Breaking Schedule

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Millions of basketball fans throughout the country are thrilled that the lock-out is over and that the season will soon begin and yet they may soon be overwhelmed with the frequency of games in the new schedule. Typically in an NBA season there are far fewer incidences of back-to- back games let alone a 3 game, 3 night schedule. Many sports starved fans are no doubt over-joyed with the prospect of watching Dirk streak down the court in his Dallas Maverick basketball uniform or viewing Jimmer Fredette for the first time swishing his shot through the Sacramento Kings basketball goal. Even so, the newly revised schedule presents some problems for viewers and players alike. It is likely that a large number of season ticket holders will find that 3 or 4 games in a week is more than their personal schedules can accommodate.
It appears that the players are delighted that they will soon be back in action but are likely somewhat wary of the intense schedule that awaits them. Playing 3 games in 3 nights is downright grueling and presents an increased risk of injury to fatigued players. It also does not bode well for hopes of an effective, successful record. History has shown that sloppy, lethargic play often accompanies a schedule of back-to-back-to-back games. This season the Atlanta Hawks will play their opener on Christmas Day and then play 8 more games within a 12 day period. In a similar fashion, the Boston Celtics will have to endure a stretch where they will play 8 road games in less than 2 weeks. That is simply mind-boggling. We love our basketball to be sure but it remains to be seen what effects this compacted schedule will have on the players and their eager fans.