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The New York Yankees Ousted From Playoffs – Proof That Money Can’t Buy Championships

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Believe it or not, people were crying tears of joy when the Cleveland Indians got on the trip to ALCS by defeating the New York Yankees. Like all other fans, I was happy to see the Bronx Brothers defeated. My hate for the Yankees reached its height when they snagged Jason Giambi with a huge contract. Then, they signed in A-rod and it became official. George Steinbrener thought he could buy the championship. Last night when I saw Derek Jeter and his team’s long faces, it gave me some pep in my step. The loss proves that in sports no amount of money guarantees victory.

Since the time free agency was imposed, the greedy owners with a lot of money envisioned new age dynasties in which they use money to win championships. However, to their disappointment, this type of dream does not come real.

The highest paid teams in the US sports are: NBA-New York Knicks, NFL-Atlanta Falcons, MLB-New York Yankees, and MLS-LA Galaxy. Since when did these teams win any championship? The LA Galaxy won a few years ago an MLS Cup. But that win came before the Beckham era when Galaxy hasn’t opened its purse strings. Aside from Galaxy, how many championships have the other teams won in the past years? The very last team to win a championship in this bunch is the New York Yankees way back in year 2000, when Bernie Williams and Paul O’Neal was still playing.

It means simply that the players won titles and not the owners who have loads of money. I don’t care how much money will be spent, the players will still get out on the field and fight for their honor to become World Champions. To the owners out there, stop trying to buy the titles by paying out with loads of money to the perennial star athletes! Pay for a group of talented players that could play hard together when it is needed the most.

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