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The Not-So-New But Greatly-Improved Paul Millsap

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Some things improve as time goes by. Like for instance, the performance of Jazz forward player, Paul Millsap. He was expected to improve his game and take over Carlos Boozer who left Utah team to play for Chicago Bulls. A lot of people doubted Millsap’s capability to replace the vacancy left by Boozer. But in the end, Millsap proved that he is a capable and talented player. He also seems to be more durable than Boozer ever was. Millsap played through several injuries just like John Stockton and Karl Malone when they were still playing while wearing their basketball uniforms for the Jazz.

On his first 4 years with the team Jazz, Millsap was often seen playing inconsistently. There were good nights but there were times his numbers weren’t so impressive for the fans on the portable scoreboard.Nowadays, Millsap is showing his steady hand, more focus and greater intensity in his play that his numbers are surely improving. He gives a smooth delivery that Coach Sloan calls the “terrific stroke”. The Utah fans tend to agree and are very thankful that this player who is soft spoken is playing on the Jazz team.