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The Not-So-New But Greatly-Improved Paul Millsap

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Isn’t it nice to know that some things can improve with the passage of time? Take, for instance, the improved play of Jazz forward, Paul
Millsap, who was expected to pick up his game and take the reins from Carlos Boozer after Boozer left the Utah team to play for the Chicago Bulls. Some may have doubted Millsap’s ability to fill those shoes but to all the naysayers Millsap has proven that he is a very capable and talented player. Not only that, but he seems to be a lot more durable than Boozer was (evidenced by the huge number of games that he missed for one reason or another). Millsap tends to play through a lot of injuries much the same as did Karl Malone and John Stockton when they were part of the Jazz team.
During his first four years with the Jazz organization, Millsap often demonstrated inconsistent play. He’d have some good nights to be sure, but his numbers were never quite where the fans would have liked to see them. These days, Millsap is showing a steady hand, greater intensity and more focus and his numbers are backing him up. He possesses a very sweet delivery which coach Sloan calls a “terrific stroke”. Utah fans are inclined to agree and are grateful that this soft spoken young man is on the Jazz roster.

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