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The one Item That Every Athlete Needs

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If you are into sports like basketball, football, swimming and others, most likely you have a gym bag. While different sports may require all sorts of equipment, all athletes need a sturdy bag to hold all their personal effects.

Members of a team usually carry identical gym bags and these would be in the same style and colors like their uniforms. You will find that common with teams for soccer, hockey and basketball, and with cheerleading squads.

When selecting a bag that is a perfect fit, you will have to choose from a wide variety of shapes, styles and materials. Some bags have mesh on the sides to allow air to go thru and this is advantageous if you plan to just toss in your sweaty socks, shirts and underwear. Some are designed to be heavy duty to withstand the wear and tear and carry heavy items that may be put inside. Some bags are large in size to be able to carry huge pieces of sporting equipment. Others are small and light, just right to carry very minimal gear.

Amateurs like us also use a gym bag to carry personal items like a warm-up jacket, sunglasses, water bottle and others. It’s the one bag that anyone can use.