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The one Item That Every Athlete Needs

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Whether you are a basketball player, a football player, a swimmer or a devotee of any other sport, the one thing that you likely have in common is the need for a good gym bag. While the other equipment necessary for various sports may differ widely, almost any athlete has the need for a good bag to carry their belongings.
Many teams carry gym bags that are identical (except perhaps for the players name) and are of the same colors as the team uniforms. This is true of many soccer teams, hockey teams, basketball teams and also most cheerleading squads.
There is a great variety of styles, shapes, and construction when it comes to finding a bag that will be the perfect fit for one’s use. Some of them have mesh sides to allow for breathability which is beneficial if one is planning to toss their sweaty t-shirts, socks, etc inside. Some are more heavy duty and are constructed to take a lot of wear and tear and to be durable enough to carry the heavier items that may be placed inside. Some are large enough to carry bigger pieces of sporting equipment while others are small and lightweight and suitable for those who carry only minimal gear.
Even those of us who are not serious athletes have use for a good gym bag to carry a few necessary items on our outings, such as a warm-up jacket, water bottle, sunglasses, etc. It’s the one item that almost everyone can use.