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The Power Of Sports To Build Confidence

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Ask most any parent of a junior high school age student and they will tell you that one of the major problems with this age group is how closely their self esteem is tied to their feelings of acceptance by their peers. When kids are very young, (toddlers through the early elementary school years) they are happy just to be themselves and don’t worry about how they are being perceived or judged by others. Sadly, that beautiful personality trait wanes as kids grow older and begin to feel the need to “fit in”. Because so many young people feel like they are on the outside looking in during those teen-age years their sense of self worth suffers dramatically. Many times it is the underlying cause of poor grades and bad behavior. Wise parents try everything they can to help their kids navigate through the murky waters of adolescence and one of the very best helps for many of them has been to get their kids involved in sports. Being part of a team can give a young person a sense of identity that can be a huge boost to their overall confidence. It gives them an opportunity to meet and make new friends and provides an outlet for their frustrations and excess energy. New skills can be learned and goals can be realized through becoming involved in sports. One does not have to be a naturally gifted athlete in order to reap the benefits that come as a result of participating in athletics. Sports can provide rich experiences and opportunities that can greatly help young people get through some tough times in their lives.

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