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The Price of Success

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Karma comes around. There is a reason why that saying was put out there because it is true. Whatever you to do others, whether it is good or bad, manages to come back to you. That is also true in relationships and accomplishments. This means, if you want to be a worthy friend, you should be willing to be that good friend. You have to be there during the bad times like the good times, and it could cost you double the amount of effort and time. Like everything else, friendship has a price to pay but in the long term is always worth the investment.

If you want to achieve a goal, you must be willing to pay its dues. It takes a certain amount of effort to reach your goal but that adds to its gratification once you succeed in achieving it. Just like in sports. Several athletes dream of becoming experts in their chosen sports. But they have to understand that to make their dream a reality, they have to put in a great deal of effort for it. To excel in something requires pure effort and lots of time. It may demand a few sacrifices and have occasional setbacks and frustrations. For a lot of people, success and achievement is not easy but takes a long hard process. The rewards however, is that the success is worth every bit of the way.

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