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The Psychology Of Basketball

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Similar to other sports, basketball is more than just a game of endurance and skills, it is also a mental game. It is hard to succeed in basketball if you can’t focus and feel any positive energy. If the players are mentally and physically alert, great things happen. Great athletes have a spectacular track record indicating mental strength and unwavering confidence that is essential for their success. Even if the athlete is very gifted perform below standard if they are not mentally focused.

Gordon Hayward, a Jazz rookie is a perfect example. Hayward had an impressive performance last year that made his team succeed in the NCAA Championships. He’s a brilliant player who never missed a shot at the basketball goal. The fans were excited when he wore the Jazz basketball uniform and was enlisted to play for the Utah team. He is a very gifted young sportsman, yet he is going thru some struggles now. In the last three games he played for Jerry Sloan, he was played as the back-up guard for Raja Bell who was injured. In just 40 minutes of game time, he only shot one point. It’s disappointing to watch him when he used to play exceptionally. He realized that he just has to refrain from over analyzing each move and just relax when playing the game. Focus, mental strength and confidence are important if you want to succeed on the basketball court. And when that starts happening, the game comes around.