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The Pure Magic Of Peyton Manning

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Peyton Manning’s performance this year in football is impossible to imitate. Once again he is leading his team in winning towards the Super Bowl. All they need is just one more win to ensure that will happen. Manning is playing his best in his entire career even if he has gone through alot of challenges. This 37 year old athlete recently had neck surgery and his ankles were sprained repeatedly. Even with years of playing experience, with physical conditions like that it is hard to achieve what he’s done so far. How does he do it?

This man has unrelenting will and boundless energy. Just like the Energizer bunny, he just keeps going. Peyton played for Indianapolis Colts for 14 seasons. Every year they went to the playoffs and twice to the Super Bowl. It was a difficult decision for them to let him go. Money was a big factor in the decision. He is an MVP for four times and means he has to be paid big money. In 2011, he suffered a neck injury that prevented him from playing the entire season. Before this happened, he never missed playing a single NFL game.

Though his body may be aging and wearing down due to all those injuries, Manning still has a brilliant head for football. The way he anticipates how the other team’s defense will happen is still second to none. It’s uncanny how he can predict the next play coming toward him. As a team player, his work ethics are legendary. He helps his teammates improve their positions and how to read the play themselves. By the 11th week of the season, he has lead his team to be the third with the highest points in the NFL.

This man is like a machine. He plays like a robot. He reads the game clearly and leads his team in every win. His discipline is unsurpassed as he reaches the highest levels.

It is hard not to admire someone with these characteristics especially if he is still humble despite his success. No wonder his Indianapolis fans were heartbroken when his team let him go. Their team’s loss is Denver’s gain. The Colorado fans love what their new quarterback has been achieving. The millions of Manning fans all over the country from different states are also happy. After all, he is a very rare kind of athlete.