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The Responsible Sports Fan

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Being a sports fan adds interest, enthusiasm and fun to one’s life. Getting behind a favorite team and cheering for their success can take one temporarily away from their own problems and allow them to sometimes revel in success and sometimes feel the devastation of failure. It provides an escape that many people crave. While the thrill of rooting for the players who wear a particular football jersey or basketball uniform is fun it should also come with a certain amount of responsibility. Showing courtesy for the officials and the opposing teams players and fans is not inconsistent with supporting one’s own team.
Few things are more distasteful than seeing sports fans throw objects and spew out obscene remarks in their misplaced enthusiasm. The playoff game yesterday between the Denver Broncos and the San Diego Chargers saw examples of disgusting fan behavior as a fan from one of the teams physically assaulted a fan from the opposing team. Sadly, this is not an unusual occurrence as most (if not all) professional games seem to have their share of undesirable fans. It is unfortunate and puts a bad light on sporting events. Being a loyal and exuberant fan should go hand in hand with being a respectful, responsible individual.