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The Rise of Lebron James – Eerily like that of Michael Jordan

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Michael Jordan is considered one of the best players that the NBA had. He started playing in North Carolina where the Tar Heels, the team he played for, won over the Georgetown Hoyas where Patrick Ewing was a player back in the NCAA Tournament's final game. Jordan then moved to play pro NBA. While other new players struggled when they started in the NBA, Jordan's star shone the brightest as he displayed his prowess early on and was dubbed Superman for his superb athleticism, grace under pressure and mad skills.

Moving to 20 years after, it is now Lebron James' turn. Lebron skipped college basketball and went directly to the NBA. For the past 4 years, he has amazed basketball fans everywhere he plays. A complete package who knows defense and offense, and knows how to shoot and get to the basket. What more can you ask for!

You may get to thinking is Lebron really comparable to Michael Jordan because he plays great basketball?

The answer is a resounding "Yes!" Read on for more reasons to convince you of their similarities.

1. For obvious reasons, they are both number 23. It may just be a coincidence but both great players have shown good game and potential in the NBA chose the same number for their basketball uniforms.

2. They were both dubbed names that connote great abilities. Jordan is call Superman while Lebron is King James. Other competent and superior players such as Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan have surfaced in the NBA but none was awarded and regarded with such high esteem as Lebron James.

3. Lebron James and Michael Jordan can take over any game at will. Lebron scored 29 out of the last 30 with the Cavaliers points. To add to that, both Jordan and Lebron seem to make better players out of their team mates. Playing with Lebron gives players career years. Though Steve Nash does have the same effect as Lebron with making the players better, he cannot take over a game with consistency just like how Lebron and Jordan does. Lebron by far is the only player who can be a ball hog and play maker in any game any time.

4. Another similarity would be how Jordan has led his team to the playoffs but took a while for them to be champion. Same goes for Lebron who has led his team to the playoffs early on in his career only to get thwarted by the Pistons in their quest to be champion. The Pistons is the same team that Jordan also had trouble with getting the championship. But guess what? Both Jordan and Lebron had beaten the Pistons to get the championship in the NBA. Too much of a coincidence, right?

A lot can be said and expected from Lebron as he has followed or mirrored Jordan's rise to fame. Now the question is, will he continue to be a cut above the rest and follow or even surpass Jordan's success? Maybe or maybe not, but one thing's for sure, fans and the world would follow and watch Lebron's continued rise and successes.

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