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The Runners High

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It is an amazing phenomenon that happens to people who decide to become runners. They may start out feeling like they cannot run farther than the distance of a block before they start to feel winded and achy. If they stick with it, however, soon they find that they are able to go several blocks, and then several miles before they begin to feel exhaustion.

The body is an amazing instrument and can run with incredible stamina and endurance when it has been adequately fueled and properly trained. People find that they can complete distances that at one time they never dreamed possible. Consistency seems to be one of the most important components for those who are avid runners. Even for those of us who do not consider ourselves runners, we realize that when we lay off of our routines for a bit (whatever those routines may be) we definitely feel it. Our body lets us know that it has lost some of its’ “spark” and we have to begin to build up again. That can be quite discouraging not to mention painful as we have to retrain and recondition our sore muscles.

There are rewards for those who stick with their routines. Though I have never experienced it (and frankly never expect to), the “runners high” that is touted by many who are avid runners sounds incredible. From tales that are told, these athletes get to a “zone” where they do not feel that pain of their feel pounding the pavement anymore, they do not feel the resistance or discomfort of their bodies, they are somehow floating above it all. Kind of like an out of body experience, I suppose.

I’ve thought many times how nice it would be if by some kind of magic, while we slept peacefully, our bodies could somehow get their workouts done and we could wake refreshed, energized, exercised and ready for the day. Perhaps the runners high is the next best thing….

Nancy Smith is one of the owners of RobbinsSports.com, an online retailer specializing in Baseball Uniforms and Gym Bags