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The Runners High

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Amazing experiences happen to people who become runners. At the start, they may feel that they could not run more than a block before they feel tired. If they continue with it, later they find out that they could go running for several blocks, then miles before they feel exhausted.

The body is a surprising instrument that could run with astonishing endurance and stamina as long as it is adequately nourished and correctly trained. People discover that they could go for distances that they never thought they could reach. Being consistent is an important for avid runners. Those who do not consider themselves runners, realize that they let go of their routines they definitely feel the difference. The body sends a signal that it is getting weak and you have to build up your energy again. You will experience some pain in trying to recondition and retain your sore muscles.

There are advantages if you stick to your regimen. The “runners high” is flaunted by avid runners is felt after a good run is said to be incredible. From the stories that were told, the runners feel like they are in a zone where they no longer feel the pain of their feet pounding on the street. They no longer feel the discomfort or resistance of their body. They have surpassed it all. It is like an out of body experience.

I have thought of how nice it could be if some sort of magic happens and our body will do the workouts while we are sleeping and we just wake up feeling refreshed and energized with the exercise already done for the day. Maybe getting the runner’s high would be the next best experience.

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