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The Slimming Effects of Pinstripes and Full-Brimmed Hats: A Historical Look at Baseball Uniforms

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In 1849, the first official baseball uniform was introduced by the New York Knickerbockers Baseball club. It became one of the biggest sources of profit for the Major League baseball by means of merchandising and popular branding. Towards the late 19th century, the uniforms became popular that the professional baseball teams had official uniforms for “home game” and “away game”. The baseball uniformsfor the “home game” were white and the “away games” were in black or gray. This tradition carried on into the world of basketball. Today, most of the basketball uniforms were worn in a different style depending on the location of the game.

The pinstripes on baseball uniforms were there not just for added style but it symbolized the respected practice that goes back to Babe Ruth’s time. It was rumored that the pinstripes were placed in the uniform to make Babe Ruth look slimmer on the field. There is no proof to this rumor being told. In fact, there is no evidence to support the effort to make the players look slimmer in their uniform. On the contrary, the uniforms today are much longer and looser than the original design.

All over the world, the baseball cap signifies more than the important part of the uniform. The baseball cap if worn both by men and women of all jobs and ages, for both professional and recreational purposes. The baseball cap has an interesting history of designs. Whether you believe it or not, the baseball players were wearing full-brimmed straw hats in the olden days. The other designs of baseball caps also included the jockey hat and boating cap. In the field of basketball, there is no record of the cap being a crucial part of the official basketball uniform. Though there are basketball players wearing the baseball cap recreationally, on and off the court.

The rare history of both basketball and baseball uniforms is a wonderful way to look back in time and relink with your favorite sport whatever it may be.