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The Sport Of Running Goes Tech

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The world of sports, like everything else, has been flooded with the changes in technology for the past several years. Cotton shirts which was the material used to make running jerseys has been replaced by stretchable material that even absorbs moisture. In the past, when you go running, you check your wristwatch to time yourself. Today we have devices that we strap on to the arms that gives out a beep when your heart rate is higher than normal. There are even gadgets that count how many steps we have already taken per minute.

One of the most helpful pieces of technology for the runner of the new millennium is an app that was designed to help them train for marathons or races like the 5K. While the veteran runners already know the proper preparation and training to do, the beginners do not know where to start in anticipation of the upcoming race.

Jeff Galloway, a former Olympian and a dedicated runner, created a training program for new runners that will help them in a way that is truly beneficial. The program is a guide that teaches the runner one step at a time. It indicated how fast they should start out with their training and when they should increase their speed and put in more effort. It is ideal to use for outdoor running, inside a gym or using a treadmill. It keeps a record of your progress all the way.

A nice feature of the app is that it plays music that is synced with the speed of your workout so it makes it easy for you to regulate your pace. Oftentimes, when you are training on your own, it is so easy to give up and quit when you feel that your muscles are starting to get tired. But with the assistance of this new app, you get constant encouragement to keep up your pace and stay focused. It is like you have your own personal trainer who is running just right beside you.