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The Sport Of Running Goes Tech

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The sports world (and almost everything else) has been inundated with the advances of technology in recent years. The cotton shorts and old t-shirt that once was the typical “uniform” of the runner has now been replaced by running jerseys made of new age materials that stretch with your body and that deflect moisture. Remember the “old days” when you set out for a run and if you were interested in timing yourself you merely checked the watch you were wearing on your wrist? Things have definitely changed! Now we can strap devices onto our arms that beep when our heart rate gets higher than we would like and we can take along gadgets that keep track of how many steps we are taking each moment.

One of the latest bits of technology to aid the modern runner is an app that has been specifically designed to help individuals train for various races such as a 5K or perhaps a marathon. While seasoned runners “know the ropes” and are well aware of the most helpful methods of training, beginners often do not know where to begin as they anticipate an upcoming race.

Former Olympian, Jeff Galloway, who is a dedicated runner himself, has developed a program that allows beginners to the sport to train in a way that will be most beneficial. It offers a step by step guide that indicates how fast to start out with your training program and when to increase your speed and effort. It works well either running outside, inside at the gym track or on a treadmill and keeps track of the progress you are making along the way.
Another great component of the new app is that it provides music that is in sync with the speed at which you are working making it easier to regulate your pace.
Often when one trains solo, it is tempting to let up the effort when the muscles start to tire but with the help of this new app there is constant encouragement to keep up the pace and the focus. It’s kind of like having your own personal trainer running right alongside of you. You can’t beat that.