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The Sport Of Ski Jumping Aims High

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To kick off the 2010 Winter Olympics held in Vancouver, British Columbia is the ski jumping event. Three of the US top performing athletes will be competing for the gold. Peter Frenette, Nick Alexander and Andres Johnson, ages 17,21 and 20 respectively, have gone a long way to become the among the finest amateur athletes of the world.

Several of the sports represented in the Olympic games are funded by sponsors. These help in offsetting the large amount of money spent in training professional athletes. Ski jumping however, does not get any sponsorship so the athlete have to fund their own training in order to excel and compete in this sport. Frenette, Alexander and Johnson all worked very hard to join the winter games.

There are a lot of female ski jumpers who would also want to join the competition at the Olympics. However, Ski jumping is a traditional men only sport. Though female athletes fought legally for their rights to override this condition, it still is not possible for them to join.

Ski jumping is an exciting and daring sport where the speeds going down hill reaches 60 mph. You have to possess a great amount of control and physical strength as well as the technical precision in order to excel.

The contestants will be judged according to distance, landing and form.

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