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The Sport Of Ski Jumping Aims High

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Kicking off the 2010 Winter Olympics to be held in Vancouver, British Columbia, will be the ski jumping event in which three top performing U.S. athletes will compete for the gold. The U.S. team members, Peter Frenette (age 17), Nick Alexander (age 21) and Anders Johnson (age 20) have come a long way to be included in the bevy of the finest amateur athletes in the world. Many of the sports that are represented in the Olympic games(and the athletes that participate in them) are funded by sponsors which helps to offset the significant amount of money it costs to train an athlete at that level. Ski Jumping, on the other hand, does not enjoy those benefits so the athletes who wish to excel and compete in this particular sport need to fund their training themselves. Frenette, Alexander and Johnson have each worked hard to make their appearance at the winter games a reality.

There are many strong women ski jumpers who would also love to be included in the competition that will soon be getting under way, however they will not be realizing their dreams at these Olympics. Ski Jumping has traditionally been a men only sport and although the women athletes mounted a legal battle this year to override this long standing situation it was to no avail.

Ski jumping is an exhilarating, dare-devil sport where downhill speeds can reach 60 M.P.H. One must possess a great deal of physical strength and control as well as technical precision in order to do well.
The judges will be scoring based on distance, form and landing.

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