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The Sports Of Summer

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Now that the warm weather is here, isn’t it great to see runners and bikers out in the open? It’s been a long winter and people are taking advantage of the sun by hitting the streets to go running, cycling and roller skating. Even if you start your day early, you will see a lot of people doing their exercises already.

According to last night’s news, Utah is considered the healthiest state of the country in terms of overall health. Their beautiful mountains draw many people to go hiking or biking and enjoy their scenery. There are several lakes where they can fish, swim, and water ski. They stay busy during the hot months. Early in the evening, people of all ages fill the ball fields either watching or participating in the baseball games that last into the night.

Summer is the best time to move our bodies in whatever sport or activity we chose. These ideal days are fleeting so don’t waste any time. Pretty soon, winter will be here again.

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