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The Sports Of Summer

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Isn’t it wonderful to see the bikers and the runners out in force now that the warm weather has finally come to stay for a while? It was a long winter for a lot of people and now that the sun is shining, they are making the most of it by hitting the pavement with either their running shoes, their biking shoes, or their rollerblades laced up. It seems that no matter how early in the day you start out on your out door exercise routine, there are already a good many people out and about who have beat you to the punch. They are dotting the summer landscape in their physical fitness pursuits.

In listening to the news last night, I learned that Utah is considered to be on of the healthiest states in the country in terms of overall fitness. That is a great distinction to have. The beautiful mountains of this area draw a lot of people to hike or bike the hills and generally enjoy the beauty that surrounds them. There are also a good number of lakes in which to boat, fish, swim or water-ski and they manage to stay pretty busy as well during these hot months. In the early evening hours, the ball fields are filled with people of all ages either participating or watching baseball games which often continue on into the night.

Summer is simply a great time to get our bodies moving, no matter which sport or activity it is we chose to be involved in. Since it seems that these idyllic days are all too fleeting, we shouldn’t want to waste any of them. Sadly, we are well aware of how soon winter will again be with us.

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