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The Status Of Cycling In The U.S.

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Cycling is among the most awaited sporting events in the world. Several countries have their very own annual races. Aside from a sport, some countries use bicycles as a means of transportation. Unfortunately, the United States has not caught on with the latter since most Americans travel by car. It is a good thing that the sport has been welcomed with open arms.

About 57 million Americans participate in this highly beneficial physical exercise. That is certainly welcome news. Another good sign is that Americans spent about 6.1 billion dollars on purchasing bicycles and cycling accessories and gear. It simply shows that the love for this sport is fast growing. The good thing about it is that more Americans are leading healthy lifestyles.

Cycling has been said to be one of the best cardio-vascular exercises. It promotes better blood circulation by elevating your heart rate. Once more blood is produced, it delivers more oxygen to other parts of the body which promotes better function. Aside from that, it cleanses the bloodstreams from cholesterol deposits. This means more Americans are enjoying the health benefits of cycling as a sport.

Another effect it has on America is that it has become a bankable business for cycling companies. This is because Americans have been very loyal and passionate to the sport. They snatch the latest cycling jerseys and compression shorts they can. They spend thousands on a new bike every year and fir it with the latest accessories that they need. They either join races or just do their cycling on their own as a form of exercise.

Another reason why more people are getting in this sport is that they get to explore new places. They can take on any pathway or trail that they want. It gives them a chance to see places they have not been to. They can go on their leisure ride solo or with a group of friends.

The outdoors is certainly has an appealing allure for cycling enthusiasts. You not only get to be healthy, you also get to enjoy the world out there and breathe fresh air.