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The Stubborn History of Baseball and Basketball Uniforms: A Tradition in the Making

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Though the traditions involved in baseball history are confusing and irrelevant to some people, these have barely changed since the inception of the game. For example, the baseball uniforms still look quite the same to the original uniforms that were used from the very first baseball game. The wooden baseball bat is a tradition that stays with the history of baseball. As a fact, the MBA implements the use of wooden bats and nothing else with the exception of titanium and aluminum bats for other levels of baseball. The rationale for this ruling is to protect the old batting records by maintaining the tradition of using wooden bats only.

If you’re a fan of pro basketball, you’ve probably seen that the players on the court wear their team’s basketball uniforms while the coaches wear their formal suits. The origin of this popular tradition came from a legendary school gym teacher. The gym teacher who invented basketball preferred to wear suits during his team’s basketball games. This became a fashion trend and it became a tradition that will go on until it became the official dress-code in the rules for basketball games. The same coach set the ruling for the no on-court participation of the coach during the basketball game. In baseball, the coaches can run to their players while they are on the field, in basketball this is not allowed.

If you are wondering why the MLB managers wear baseball uniforms then here is the answer. Before the 20th century, the baseball team managers were usually players too. They were responsible for administrative duties, public relations and travel plans. There was no real coach. However, the team captains got older and though they lost their playing prowess, their knowledge and experience of the game were valuable to help the team win. Instead of leaving the team, the captains stayed with them in the dugout and eventually they are what we now call coaches.