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The Time Is Right For Shaping Up

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Have too many unwanted pounds been sneaking up on you over these long winter months? If the answer is yes, you are not alone. Surveys indicate that most of us gain at least one extra pound each winter but for many of us that number is much higher. We might be a bit shocked if we have not stepped on the scale for a while and find that when we do the number is not what we would like to see. Even for those who manage to gain only one pound per winter, that can add up rather quickly and after ten years you find yourself ten pounds heavier even though you may feel you are staying steady with your workouts.
It is a good idea to stay aware of where we are as far as fitness and weight gain is concerned. Pulling out the scale and checking routinely at how we are doing is certainly better than being unpleasantly surprised by infrequent check ups.
Deciding on ways to keep the winter weight gain at bay is crucial. Perhaps you are basically an outdoor person and prefer to burn your calories by slipping into your favorite cycling jersey and hopping on your bike for a nice ride. Or perhaps you prefer playing tennis or maybe jogging is your thing. While those choices may be ideal for you they likely need to be modified over the winter months in order for you to stay engaged in the sport you have chosen. Jogging outside is definitely preferable for many people but sometimes that is not possible during the winter months because of poor weather conditions. In that case it would be wise to find a gym or health club where you can still burn the calories necessary to stay in shape.
Granted, pedaling on an exercise bike is not nearly as engaging as being in the great outdoors but it will still accomplish the task of burning calories and keeping muscles toned and your body fit. Perhaps finding a friend to exercise with might be the answer to making sure you include it in your daily activities. We tend to get into habits that are not all that beneficial to us if we do not stay conscientious about our commitment to stay in shape. There is no question that it is a lot harder to get back into shape once we have allowed ourselves to neglect our bodies than it is to maintain through regular exercise. Once you get into a routine of any kind it becomes much easier to stay with it.
Make the decision about how you plan to get fit and then get started right away. The time is going to pass one way or the other and you will be a lot happier and feel and look a lot better if you begin your fitness routine now.