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The UFC – Is It Really That Dangerous?

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The legitimacy of UFC or mixed martial arts has always been scrutinized and questioned since it was created in 1993. Several people say that the tactics used in UFC are brutal and barbaric. This new-fighting method has so much controversy that even Senator John McCain has intervened. He made it his mission to ban mixed martial arts and UFC in America. He failed to do so that’s why MMA has gained popularity ever since.

Is MMA really risky? Is it as disgusting and primitive as a lot of people say? Is it that bad to warrant a nationwide ban?

MMA is just a mix of several types of fighting. It features fighting from boxing, wrestling, jui jitsu, muay thai and tae kwon do styles. Most of these are Olympic sports. If these sports could attract the best athletes all over the world to participate in the event that honors each one, why shouldn’t a sport that involves all of these styles be good enough?

People say UFC and MMA is dangerous because children are taught that it is ok to fight and it is even honored. If that was the case, then professional wrestling, video games and even Olympic sports should be banned as well. But since society is not banning these, there should be no reason why MMC and UFC should be singled out.

Lastly, how do you measure danger? People say MMA is just too dangerous. What made them say that?

MMA fighters, if ever they sustain injuries, it is rare. When they do, they just stay in the hospital for one day. The injuries of sports like football and basketball are more severe. The players can end up in the hospital and stay for several months or years.

As long as UFC exists, there will be no reported deaths. People die in other major sporting events. In boxing, which is the artistic and beautiful version of MMA, for example, has around 900 deaths since 1920. That is an average of less than 13 people a year. These numbers dropped significantly from the time the sport was made safer. UFC is quite the same. Every fight is monitored by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, which also governs boxing games. The sport has developed since its creation. Unlike the early days where the games were no holds barred, the UFC now has a long list of regulations. This is to prevent any injury or death in each single fight until today.

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