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The Utah Jazz Are Younger But Will They Be Better?

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A Lot of changes have taken place with the Utah Jazz over the past several months. Long time players have left for other teams and new players will now be clad in the familiar Jazz basketball jerseys. Two players that have returned to the team are Gordon Hayward and Derrick Favors and they may well be the premier players this year even though they aren’t well known outside of Utah. There is no all-star to lead the line-up this year. Not even one of the players who became free agents this past summer was resigned. The new management obviously wants to start the building process with the team which is currently the fourth youngest in the NBA.
This will be a different experience for Jazz fans who had become used to having a fairly mature and proven team. Everyone is hoping that the growing process for the new young players won’t be too long or too painful but fans should probably adjust their expectations.