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The Ute’s Are “Pac’n” Up

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There are a lot of changes expected for football in Utah. The Utes have been asked to join the Pac-10 Conference. This is an honor and the whole university and their fans are completely excited. The Pac-10 expanded to 12 members with Utah as its latest addition. The conference hopes it will become the nation’s leading college athletic program.

Jim Boylen, the Ute basketball coach, is pleased not just with the invitation but also its timing. This is also the week the coaches select their recruits for the 2012-2013 season. This event will be a good addition to the process for the Utah club.

Not everyone is pleased with the changes. The thousands of fans who spent their whole life as part of the fierce rivalry between University of Utah and Brigham Young University wonder how this will affect their competition. Utah’s coach Kyle Whittingham suggests that he wishes the rivalry should remain as intense and passionate as ever. But it’s difficult to see how it will happen when the teams are participating in separate conferences.

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