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The Utes Will Have A Lot Of Fish To Fry

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Now that the University of Utah “Utes” have been invited to join the elite Pac 10 they going to find that they are smaller fish in a larger fishbowl. Instead of being one of the elite teams in the Mountain West Conference where they were all but assured of finishing well each season, they now find themselves in a very different situation. They have gone from being one of the best in their former conference to perhaps one of the mid-level teams in this new conference. That is not necessarily a bad thing, it just likely will involve less chances for wins. True, they will enjoy more national exposure than they have in the past and the prestige that comes along with that, but no longer will they be able to pretty much count on finishing at the top of their conference. Instead of playing one or possibly two really great teams each year (preseason), they now will be facing that caliber of opponent each time they play. Under the direction of Coach Kyle Whittingham, no doubt the Utah team is up to the challenges that they will be facing. According to former BYU quarterback and now head coach of the University of Washington Huskies when speaking of the Utah football program, “They’re a physical football team naturally already, so I think they’ll be fine.” It’s going to be interesting to watch how things shape up in the football world this fall.

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