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The Utes Will Have A Lot Of Fish To Fry

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Since the University of Utah has been asked to join the elite Pac 10 they will discover that they are now the smaller fish in a big fish bowl. Instead of being among the premier teams in the Mountain West Conference, they are now in a very different circumstance. From being the best in the former conference, they are now just one of the mediocre teams in this new competition.

It is not such a bad thing, it just means they have less opportunities to win. It is true they will have more exposure internationally than they did in the past and the fame that came along with it. But they can no longer expect to finish at the top of the conference. Instead of competing with one or two great teams annually during the preseason, they will now face the same kind of opponent every time they play.

Under the guidance of Coach Kyle Whittingham, the Utah team will be willing to face their challenges. According to the University of Washington Head coach, a former BYU quarterback, he said that the Utah football program is a physical football team and they will be fine. It’s going to be an interesting development to watch this fall.

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