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The Value Of Sports In Our Lives

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The value of sports in our lives can not be overstated. It has the great potential to help instill positive qualities as one develops character, patience, responsibility and perseverance. It is a wonderful human tendency to want to rise to the expectations when we are given an assignment or a responsibility. We typically want to do our very best and to be able to be proud of what we have accomplished. Sports gives us the avenue to pursue those opportunities. We practice, we improve, and many times we excel.

Mental preparation and readiness is a huge part of any success, on the field or off. It pays to be familiar with what your goal is and then to take the steps necessary to achieve that goal. Sports provides a great training ground for gaining experience and wisdom.

Sports allows us to expend excess energy in a positive way that can improve our bodies ability to burn fat, tone, and increase our stamina. It gives us a platform to test the limits of our bodies capabilities. A great number of people have been able to achieve things they never dreamed possible by participating and excelling at a particular sport.

We can learn a great deal about ourselves through various sporting activities. We learn whether we are the type of individual who is willing to go the extra mile and do what it takes to succeed or to be the type who is ready to stop at the first sign of fatigue, discomfort and disappointment.

Meeting new friends with whom we share some commonalities is another positive aspect of being involved with sports. We can increase our circle of friends and share a bond that is significant. Through participation in sports we can learn to graciously accept defeat and even more graciously claim victory.Sports is a microcosm of life, a school of learning from which an individual can reap many rewards.

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