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The Warriors Vs. The Mavericks: David vs Goliath? No Way!

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Many feel that the Warriors versus the Mavericks is another modern-day David and Goliath story. However, I am one person who never doubted the Warriors, and I am in no way surprised how the series has played out. Am I saying that the Mavericks are not the best team in the NBA? No. I am saying, though, that the Warriors have a real shot at ousting the number 1 seed. The following are 5 reasons why the general NBA audience should not be as shocked as they are regarding this series and why the Warriors are likely to come out on top.

1. Don Nelson - Even though Don Nelson tells the media that his team is pitted against a much better opponent, he has instilled a confident swagger in his young, boisterous group. This is all part of his plan. Remember, Don Nelson is a Hall of Fame coach with the most wins of any other coach besides Lenny Wilkins. If his Warriors feel they have nothing to lose being the underdog, they will lay everything out on the line and play above their heads. That is exactly what they are doing, much to the credit of their seemingly lacksadaisical coach.

2. Athleticism – The Warriors field a team with 4-5 players who are 6′8” – 6′9” and extremely quick and long. I don’t care who you are. With the speed and tenacity of such lanky players, it is going to be tough to score against a team like that on a consistent basis. Just asked Dirk Nowitski. Even though, they were almost last in points-against-average during the regular season, their defense has progressed leaps and bounds during the playoffs. It will be interesting to see who, if anyone, steps up for the Mavs.

3. Injury Free – The reason the Warriors have had such a hard season is the fact that two of their best players, Jason Richardson and Baron Davis, have had injury-plagued seasons. With those two guys out and before picking up Steven Jackson and Al Harrington, who did you expect to lead the team? Monta Ellis and Matt Barnes? Don’t get me wrong, both are great young players with amazing potential, but they have yet to become the type of players who can lead a team. Now, however, the entire Warrior’s lineup is back and playing like Dallas fans’ worst nightmare.

4. Hot!!! – Much to the chagrin of Golden State fans, the Warriors had an abysmal first half of the season. But, once all of the players got healthy, the Warriors went on a 16-5 tear to end the season. Furthermore, over the last 10 games of the season, they were 9-1. Only the Denver Nuggets were able to match that stellar record, something the Suns, Spurs, Pistons, and yes, even the mighty Mavs all failed to accomplish. With momentum like that heading into the playoffs, it is no wonder why Golden State is playing so well.

5. Baron Davis – Could this guy please put together just one injury-free season? PLEASE!! If he could, he would be an all-star for sure. In the series against the Mavs, he has been head and shoulders above any other player on the court. It comes as no surprise that the two Maverick victories came when he was out of the game. He has put his team on his shoulders and has played out of his head. Is there anyone in the league as calm and poised as him in crunch time? With that crazy beard of his, he reminds me of Mohammed. And, if he continues to play as he is now, he will definitely lead his team to the promised land (2nd round).

This article was written by Nishan Wilde at Robbins Sports and Athletics

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