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There Is Much To Love About Sports

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For the most part, Americans are sports loving people. We are avid followers of football, basketball, soccer and baseball. We cycle and ski and surf. There are millions of young people involved in youth sports programs where they gear up in their football or basketball jerseys or grab their gym bags and head to the tennis courts or soccer fields. The reasons are many why sports are so important to us.
First, and perhaps foremost, sports are fun. They provide a way to release stress and excess energy when we participate. If we are involved in a team sport we can be part of made group of people who we have some things in common with and a mutual goal to achieve. We can learn valuable life lessons such as hard work, commitment, camaraderie, and how to abide by designated rules and regulations. We learn to work together as a group and to give it our best. We are able to improve our skills and our overall fitness through the efforts we put forth. Involvement in sports can result in increased physical strength, improved abilities and a sense of accomplishment.
Most of the benefits listed above and others that are absent from that list can be experienced by those who choose to involve themselves in sports that are not done as a team, such as boxing, cycling, skiing, etc. Cycling and skiing provide an opportunity for participants to push their limits as they strive to improve in their sport. They offer the benefit of being outdoors, enjoying nature and fresh air and interesting scenery. The feelings of well-being that these particular sports offer is often understated but quite powerful.
As spectators we can remove ourselves from present cares and immerse ourselves watching a contest of physical abilities. We are able to release tension as we cheer for our favorite teams and our favorite players. Sports adds entertainment, enjoyment and excitement to life.