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Tiger Not So Fearsome These Days

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A lot can change in a few months and nobody knows this better than Tiger Woods. This one time seemingly infallible golf superstar has become all too susceptible to failure these days, turning in sub-standard performances instead of taking home trophies and large checks. The latest outing was perhaps the most dismal of all for Tiger and those fans who are astounded at what has happened to their hero. He finished the Bridgestone Invitational in next to the last place among 80 participants. At one time that would have been an unthinkable scenario, but now it is becoming more the norm for Woods to fall beneath expectations. The U.S. Open begins in two days and once again, Tiger will attempt to get his game back in gear. Whether or not he will be successful in that attempt remains to be seen. At this point, he is still holding onto his number one ranking in the world of golf but his lead is shrinking and it is debatable on how long he will be able to keep that number one status.

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