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Tim Tebow: Athletic Skills Or Not?

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People are different from one another. This is true in life, as it is in sports. Not everyone can be a star in sports. This difference in abilities is what makes sports exciting. This and the passion of sportsmen for the sports that they love. These are extraordinary people who will always be heads above the regular men and women. They have given all that they have in order to develop their abilities. 

Whether they are wearing a football jersey, or a basketball uniform, whether they are part of a college squad or a professional team, the innate abilities separate these people from the general populace. For us normal humans, this is something that we accept. For others, this may be the bone of contention, and a start of a discussion of whether a person is worthy of playing the game.

Tim Tebow was the former Heisman Trophy winner, and has played in the NFL. And yet, his abilities are in question. Besides his ability on the field, he is considered as a role model for who he is, and for his charitable works for which he has been involved in since he was a child. A lot of people think that he deserves to play pro ball. While there are doubters who feel that he is over-rated. The latest news is that Tebow has signed a contract with the Philadelphia Eagles. However, this time the contract has no guarantees. There is a lot to like about the guy, and if only for this, we wish him well. Only time will tell if his latest endeavor will pan out for him.