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Tim Tebow: Athletic Skills Or Not?

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Sadly, not everyone is blessed with the innate ability to become a star in the field of sports. While we can all make gains and improvements in our abilities through working out and spending lots of time in practice, most of us will never be able to compete at a high level. We will never be the equal of those who are paid to wear the football jersey or the basketball uniform of a professional team. For most of us this is not a big problem. We know our skill levels do not place us in the “star” category. For others, this growing awareness may be a bit more painful.
Such may be the case for former Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow. While almost everyone seems to consider him to be a first-class kind of guy, a good number of those same people feel that his athletic skill level is not up to professional standards.
Currently, Tebow is being given another chance to make a place for himself in the NFL as he has signed a contract with the Philadelphia Eagles. It is reported that this contract has no guarantees.
Those of us who admire Tebow wish him well. Time will tell how things will turn out for him this time around.