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If you want to get in better shape you may want to hear some tips offered from those who have experienced success in the quest for fitness. Although it is not the only factor in being in good shape, the amount of body weight one carries is often a pretty accurate indicator. According to the National Weight Control Registry getting the motivation necessary is an important first step. Some people have health concerns which lead them to drop some unwanted pounds. For others, it is because they want to be able to put on a basketball jersey and shoot hoops with their kids. Whatever the motivation, losing excess pounds is a good first step toward better health and fitness. Toning muscles through physical exercise is another key to fitness. As one loses fat and gains muscle their ability to burn fat increases and the efficiency of their body improves. Besides the substantial health and fitness benefits, toned muscles make for a more streamlined body. Experts tend to agree that one of the keys to getting and staying fit is by making exercise a part of your daily routine. If you are one of those “hit and miss” athletes who may hit the exercise hard on one day and then take the next several days off, commit to doing something every single day. It’s a habit the will reap great rewards.