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Tips to do Better at Arm Wrestling

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Among young men, arm wrestling is a popular sport. It is extremely famous because of its raw power. In the match, 2 contestants sit across each other on a table. They grasp each other’s hands and when the match begins, they push each other’s hands to the table. The contestants whose backhand touches the table first is the loser. The winner brags about his hand strength. Strength plays a huge role in winning the match there is also technique. Here are a few tips on how to win in an arm wrestling match.

First, pull the arm towards your body. Rather than pushing the opponents hand to the table, bring his hand close to the check then push down. Position the upper arm and shoulder close to directly above the elbow. Stretch the opponent’s arm to make it hard for him to fight back. It will increase your changes to make it easy to win.

Second, curl the wrist. Though it seems like cheating, it allows you more leverage. Several people do this to avoid touching the table. The curl should be used at the start of the match to get leverage not towards the end because it will just lead to your loss.

Third, grip the hand strongly. Focus on applying lots of pressure on the opponent’s hand. This will cause the opponent to open their hand making you gain more leverage. Once their hand is open, more up the pressure until you are pushing their fingers. Their fingers don’t stand a chance against your hand.

Lastly, move fast. The first seconds of the match is important. If you start slow, you allow the opponent to gain leverage that is hard to recover. You have to act quickly to pull the arm in, curl the wrist, and apply pressure on the hand.

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