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To Fight Off Fat, Eat Right and Keep Moving

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The word is out, obesity has become an epidemic in this country. The statistics are sobering to say the least. It is estimated that 35.7 percent of adults in the U.S. are considerably overweight. The numbers for children and adolescents is also staggering with a third of our youth falling into the category of overweight or obese. These numbers have dramatically increased in recent years much like the waistlines of millions of Americans. Research done on the problem of obesity in the years 1971 through 1974 showed that of kids under the age of 12, nearly 9 percent were considered significantly overweight or obese. 6.1 percent of those ages 12-19 were also in that category. Today those numbers have sky-rocketed. Experts believe that it isn’t just one thing that has given rise to this crisis but rather a combination of factors such as the high-fat, high-calorie diets that millions of people consume on a regular basis. This coupled with the sad fact that many people get almost no exercise at all has lead to a population of over-weight, out of shape and
unhealthy individuals. The cost of this destructive life-style change has been overwhelming both in terms of financial output and physical health and well-being. Efforts are being made to turn things around by educating people of the need to make better food choices for themselves and for their families. American’s are being urged to for-go the fast-food routine in favor of eating fresh. Along with that must be an increase in exercise. You don’t have to put on a football helmet or lace up a pair of boxing gloves and pummel a punching bag to begin to get in shape. There is a huge array of physical activities that can provide one with the exercise that is needed. It can be as simple as putting on a pair of tennis shoes and hitting the sidewalk or the trail for a long walk. The main thing is to make it a routine. Such changes can make the difference in the quality of life you experience.